Where I’m From: Luminous Lines


I’m from the ding of the bat

          On the hard dirt of the baseball diamond

I’m from the smooth leather

          And the weed wacker spraying grass


I’m from Hubei

          Whose Swan Hotel was big and grand

I am from church

          From my faithful friends at Sunday School

I’m from my grandpa

          Whose long gone bomber still fills the sky


I’m from math

          From zero to nine

From chalk on my leotard

          After gymnastics every day

From pumpkin pie on rainy nights

          And books I had to wait for

I’m from mac&cheese and ice cream

          TV to hairspray


I’m from Hurry Up and Hold On

          From the “I know’s” and “I told you so’s”

               From the Why’s and the What If’s


I am from games

          From Fortnite and Roblox

From Pokemon

          Making sure I Catch ‘Em All

From Warhammer

          Where the Necrons hide


I’m from the plains and the forest

          From a tent on the ground and crunchy leaves

From the black sky dancing with stars

          On cold campfire nights

From the snow

          Cold in my gloves

From the end of the rod

          Bouncing up and down

               Up and down


Who I am

Is who I’m meant to be

I am my own.

Author: Tamara Jaimes

Avid learner, NBCT of 5th graders. Mission: Manifest, nurture, and inspire a purpose and a passion for learning. Personal Twitter: @Tamara_Jaimes My classroom Twitter: @msjaimes Instagram: @ms.jaimes

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